Sandwich Ingredients

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Sandwich Ingredients

Title:  How Many Ingredients Make a Good Sandwich?


We all know that the "Friends" character Joey Tribbiani's favorite food is sandwiches. But I’m sure even Joey had a limit on the number of ingredients he would use!


Just because an ingredient is good on its own, doesn’t mean it’s going contribute to the making of a great sandwich.  A large sandwich, maybe, but good???


When you think about sandwich recipes that you make time and time again, the number of ingredients really comes down to a handful of ingredients between the bread.  I think that there are two reasons why this is:

1.       There’s a limit to how much you can really fit on a sandwich and still be able to lift and eat it with success.

2.       There’s probably a limit to how many ingredients you want to go dig out of the fridge, panty, cabinets, etc. to put into the sandwich…. Especially if you are hungry, you just want it fast.


Sure, at its purest form, a sandwich is a piece of bread and a middle….be it cheese or a piece of meat.  Most of us will add in a condiment or two. And if handy, some vegetables…lettuce, tomato, peppers. Notice I said handy.  There’s a limit to how many jars I think most of us will keep reaching into the fridge or pantry to pull out, even if they are all conveniently on the fridge door or grouped together on a shelf.   (You are welcome to disagree in the comments section).

So would I make sandwich any differently if I could have it even more convenient for me to actually make it? I mean if I could just reach in to the fridge and have everything ready to go short of pre-making the sandwich.  Rather than pull out all the condiments and components for my sandwich, if it were already in a caddy, one reach and everything I need is ready to go.  I think I might.  I think I would indeed use the ingredients that were already pre-grouped for me.  I say this because all the ingredients are there at my fingertips and at the ready delivered via the Sandwich Caddy.

So today, those ingredients are for the following from “PopSugar” for a ‘Left Over Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich’ recipe inspired from an episode of Friends.  And best of all, these ingredients can be pre-grouped for me ready to go in the Sandwich Caddy for one sandwich or multiples.

The amounts of ingredients are approximate; adjust to taste and the size of bread you're using.


  1. 3 slices bread
  2. Mayonnaise, to taste
  3. Cranberry sauce, to taste
  4. A few slices of roast turkey
  5. 1-2 tablespoons turkey gravy
  6. 2 leaves of red or green leaf lettuce
  7. About 1/2 cup stuffing


  1. Toast the bread. For structural integrity, toast the bread on the darker side (especially with the slice that will become the moist maker). Spread 1 slice with mayonnaise, 1 with cranberry sauce. Top the cranberry-sauced slice with turkey.
  2. Spread a couple tablespoons of gravy in a shallow dish. Dip the remaining piece of bread in the gravy on both sides, spreading it evenly.
  3. Put the gravy-soaked piece of bread on top of the turkey. Put the lettuce on top of that. Put a layer of stuffing on top of the lettuce, and top the sandwich with the mayonnaise-spread piece of bread. Carefully cut the sandwich in half.



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