National Sandwich DAY - November 3


Today is National Sandwich Day and Introducing The Sandwich Caddy Blog-


Making Sandwich History!

Post Nov 3, 2017

November 3rd is known throughout the land as National Sandwich Day.  I’m not sure who proclaims these things, but I am darn happy that the honorable sandwich does have its day.  Think about it.  The sandwich is such a handy invention.  It comes from a humble but functional beginning. And it makes ‘every day eating’ so convenient, but only to a point. 

From a humble shout of “Bring me meat between two slices of bread!” we have the invention of the sandwich.  Okay, well I’m not sure that is exactly what John Montagu the Fourth, aka Earl of Sandwich, exclaimed back in the 18th century, but it is possible.  While he may not have invented the sandwich, he may have set it on its way toward popularity.  The ole Earl was on to something as it proved to be a convenient way to have a meaty meal while not interrupting a gambling game. 

Time and again, the sandwich proved itself as a way to satisfy hunger and do so conveniently.  And throughout the years, from the 18th Century to the present, that’s the one thing sandwich continues to be …. CONVENIENT.  But on this National Sandwich Day, I offer the land a new level of Sandwich Convenience.

This new level of convenience elevates your sandwich making experience by making it faster, and even more convenient to enjoy the humble sandwich.  Dubbed “The Sandwich Caddy” this is a one of a kind, unique aid to making your life, well, easier.

Imagine being able to reach into your refrigerator or ice chest and in one reach pull out all the ingredients you need to assemble your sandwich. Imagine having lettuce for your sandwich right there, and crisp all the time.  Imagine, not having to spend time cleaning up after you make your sandwich.  Sort of having the Earl of Sandwich actually make your sandwich, The Sandwich Caddy delivers this convenience super-charged.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be blogging more about The Sandwich Caddy, and talking about how it keeps lettuce crisper for a lot longer than your refrigerator crisper can.  I’ll share with you some stories of how people are enjoying the simplification it brings to their lunches and I’ll offer some recipes.  There’s this and more, so please like/follow/subscribe to my blog for these updates and how you can be a part of Sandwich Making History!