Santa Sandwich

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Leave Santa a Sandwich Instead of Cookies

Santa needs to watch what he eats and to cut down on his sugar intake.  Still, making all those deliveries in one night, he sure can work up an appetite.   And, cookies, while delicious, are not good for his waistline and health.  Why not make him a sandwich?  And ask the kids to help and enjoy one too.

Here’s an idea I found on Pinterest, a Reindeer Sandwich for Santa:

Take a heart shaped cookie cutter to make the Reindeer’s head and cut 2 pieces of bread.  Then spread peanut butter and jelly and combine.  For the Reindeer’s eyes, use 2 chocolate chips.  For his nose a red M&M.  Then for the antlers, break a pretzel in half and stick in the top of the heart (see photo below).

Just be sure to leave our a couple of carrots for Santa’s actual reindeer…they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness tool.


Lynne MitchellComment