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Magic of Epsom Salt

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Growing up I saw my Grandmother make use of common household products in many ways.  One product that proved to be a work horse because of its multiple uses was Epsom salt. 

Now, before you try and figure out what Epsom Salt has to do with making sandwiches, let me just say it has nothing to do with making sandwiches.  But its uses can take advantage of the Sandwich Caddy because of its one reach, everything you need solution. 

So this blog entry is going to cover how you can use the Sandwich Caddy and Epsom Salt to address some everyday needs.  Start by keeping the following in the Sandwich Caddy with an Epsom Salt container you will have everything you need in one reach:

Spray bottle. Put a Sprayer in the Sandwich Caddy.  Why? To Reduce Itch from Bug Bites.  How: Dissolve 4 teaspoons of Epsom Salt into a Cup of water in the sprayer.  Mix/shake well then spray it directly on the bug bite for relief.  This also helps with sunburn

Baby Oil Bottle. Why? Skin Softener. How: Mix equal parts of Epsom Salt and baby oil in the container. Use it after washing your hands to help prevent dryness. Your hands will fee smooth and healthy after every wash.

Tweezers. Why? Painless Splinter Removal. Soak the finger in Epsom salt and water for 10 minutes to soften the skin, then the splinter will be easier to remove. 

I like to use solutions that are natural and chemical free whenever possible (and inexpensive is a bonus!). These are just some of the handy uses for Epsom Salt that you can use.  It also has a lot of uses around the house in cleaning to help keep toxic chemicals to a minimum in your house. 

One last tip.  I would purchase a second Sandwich Caddy for these handy uses for Epsom Salt and use my first Sandwich Caddy for tasty sandwiches!

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