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Jose Uthuppan
Lynne Mitchell

Jose ('Joes' ) Uthuppan is a mechanical engineer with 25+ years in product design & development with a background in both electronics and manufacturing industries.  Always on the lookout for organizing solutions that take the pain away from common household chores, I keep myself busy with DIY woodworking projects, gardening, and travel during my spare time.


Sometimes, an individual shows up in your life at just the right moment; someone who is just as passionate as you are and wants to help you unconditionally and see you succeed. Lynne Mitchell is that individual for me. She was hooked on the Scaddy the moment she first set eyes on an early concept image in March 2017.  With 25+ years in Marketing and Business Development, Lynne has been a perpetual well of support ever since, a partner to discuss strategy and review materials, and a constant source of ideas on what to do next.