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          Now more than ever in today’s economy where every dollar saved matters, the Scaddy not only brings convenience but helps you make sandwiches more frequently and reduce leftovers.

  • Scaddy’s crisper extends the life of greens up to 30 days

  • Scaddy’s convenience means food doesn’t go unused & wasted

  • Scaddy’s portability means you do not have to plan in advance about packing a sandwich

               The Scaddy has been a labor of love for six-plus years. Sixteen design revisions and fourteen prototype builds later, now in September 2023, the Scaddy is finally ready for a door-to-door market survey with a physical sample. The survey is expected to be completed in the Fall of 2023.


The Scaddy is now also ready for investors in a consumer product with practically zero competition.

               Ideas Novel, LLC was founded in 2017 as a launching platform for new consumer products designed to make life more convenient at affordable prices. The flagship product called the Scaddy, quite simply, turns sandwich making with multiple ingredients into a pleasure and not a chore. It allows people to have all the ingredients in one carry-all, therefore one reach into the refrigerator or a cooler besides offering a method for efficient sandwich making. It will also promote healthier eating by making it easier to create flavorful veggie sandwiches or to add ingredients beyond the standard meat and cheese.


                Originally, the device was a homemade gadget made out of wood to store condiment bottles that in the end turned out to be too heavy. Computer models showed switching to a plastic material would cut down weight, but such a device could not be made at home. However, it offered considerably more design freedom to improve functionality and reduce costs in volumes. A concept for an all-encompassing product focused on sandwich preparation was born.


               An early concept model of the Scaddy was introduced in small focus group meetings of diverse respondents from the Greater Philadelphia area over a four-week period in Jan-Feb 2017. The survey yielded overwhelmingly positive feedback that a 'flat top device specifically designed for sandwich ingredient storage and that aids in sandwich making' would be useful and fill a void not currently addressed in the market or by consumers. This set in motion an effort to build a mass-production prototype. Mold makers across the U.S were consulted early on to incorporate special molding techniques required to meet competing goals of low manufacturing cost and high functionality while improving consumer appeal.



               Other new and original product concepts from Ideas Novel that are in the pipeline include a Picnic Container, a Barbecue Grill attachment, a Winter Garment, a Microwave Oven, and a new Cooking Range design.



Lynne Mitchell
Jose Uthuppan


Sometimes, an individual shows up in your life at just the right moment - someone who is just as passionate as you are about an idea and realizes its potential immediately. Lynne Mitchell was that individual for me with the Scaddy ever since she laid her eyes on an early concept image in March 2017.  She kept the flame lit whenever strong winds sometimes almost snuffed out my efforts to build a better Scaddy. With 25+ years in Marketing and Business Development at IBM, digital consulting, and in the hospitality industry, Lynne is a perpetual well of support and a partner to discuss strategy and review materials.

- Jose ('Joes' ) Uthuppan   


Founder, Ideas Novel LLC
Allentown, Pennsylvania
[Jose has 
20+ years in product design & development from various industries and a Masters's in Mechanical Engineering from the Univ. Of Illinois at Chicago. ]

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