Ideas Novel, LLC was founded in 2017 as a launching platform for new consumer products designed to make life more convenient at affordable prices. The flagship product called the Scaddy, quite simply, turns sandwich making with multiple ingredients into a pleasure and not a chore. It allows people to have all the ingredients in one carry-all, therefore one reach into the refrigerator or a cooler besides offering a method for efficient sandwich making. It will also promote healthier eating by making it easier to create flavorful veggie sandwiches or to add ingredients beyond the standard meat and cheese.


        An early concept model of the Scaddy was introduced in small focus group meetings of diverse respondents from the Greater Philadelphia area over a six-week period in Jan-Feb 2017. The survey yielded overwhelmingly positive feedback that a 'flat top device specifically designed for sandwich ingredient storage and that aids in sandwich making' would be useful and fill a void not currently addressed in the market or by consumers.


         Originally, the device was a homemade gadget made out of wood to store condiment bottles that in the end turned out to be too heavy. Computer models showed switching to a plastic material would cut down weight, but such a device could not be made at home. However, it offered considerably more design freedom to improve functionality and reduce cost in volumes. A concept for an all-encompassing product focused on sandwich preparation was thus born.


         As of this writing, the Scaddy has gone through several revisions to address design, manufacturability, and styling. Mold makers across the U.S were consulted early on to incorporate special molding techniques required to meet competing goals of low manufacturing cost and high functionality while improving consumer appeal. I’m pleased to announce that after nearly 20 months and seven prototype builds, the patent pending design shown in the video has met those goals. 


     Other new and original product concepts from Ideas Novel that are in the pipeline include a Picnic Container, a Barbecue Grill attachment, a Winter Garment, a Microwave Oven, and a new Cooking Range design.

Jose (‘Joes’) Uthuppan
Allentown, Pennsylvania