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3-Question SURVEY 
40% off
1. How often do you make sandwiches?
2. What did you see NEW in the Live Demo or on the Website Video?

3. What problems could the Scaddy solve?

Pick all that you agree with.

Buy one time to get the convenience for a lifetime.  

And make a more flavorful sandwich every time.

The Scaddy – to be molded from food-grade polypropylene – is estimated to be priced in the range $35 - $39 ​with the knife included.

BUY or Not?  Pick all that apply to you *

Your Name & Comments if any

Please ensure your email is entered correctly. A 40% off single-use coupon would be emailed to you at product release time. 
Your email and any other personal details you provide shall remain confidential.
(40% off limited to first 200 survey respondents)

We got it. Thank You

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